Information Exchange is the ONLY tutoring centre in Hurstville with real high school teachers as tutors. 

In fact, Information Exchange is the only high school tutoring centre in Sydney with only real high school teachers as tutors. Other tutoring centres are primarily concerned with benefiting their time, rather than the child’s, for example examining children based on their compatibility with the centre. At Real Teacher Tutors, we are concerned that a student feels compatible with us as we aim to provide learning styles to adapt to each student.   The implications of real, qualified, and experienced teacher are significant.

  • Complex understanding of the syllabus and rubric outcomes
  • A real connection and practical understanding between student and teacher
  • Real, proven results from past students with Band 6 results
  • HSC marking experience providing the ideal lessons to enhance results
  • Legally qualified with a Working with Children check to ensure the safety and care which no other tutoring centres ensure

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Information about our tutors is at Our Hurstville Tutors

Our group size limits are also the smallest in Hurstville. Contact us for more information.