Private Tutors sit with students and ensure that proper understanding of the curriculum is achieved.

We have a variety of teachers who tutor students privately across all the subjects including English, maths, science, physics, chemistry, history, economics, Italian, French, IPT and ICT.

The price is set standard at $70 per hour and all tuition is undertaken in our education centre in Hurstville. It is a safe and comfortable learning environment with all the resources necessary for tutors and students alike.

What is the benefit of a real teacher?

An inexperienced tutor can simply ask what your son or daughter needs help with, but a real teacher knows the curriculum and can tell what a student doesn’t know. Experienced teachers can ensure nothing is missing from a your son or daughter’s education, and therefore ensure maximum results from the student.

Proper High School Teachers are continuously trained EVERY YEAR on new content and learning methods, and they know how to relate to different students by incorporating a variety of learning styles. There is a new curriculum in 2014, and high school teachers have been trained to prepare for it.

For English Tutors, it is also a great opportunity for students to have their work analysed in greater detail by teachers.

Can tutors visit homes?

No, for the mutual safety of students and teachers, we require that all training and learning is undertaken at our education centre. All materials and technology are here for the benefit of both as well as a lot of quiet rooms with glass walls to ensure a perfect atmosphere for the tutorials.

Private Tutors

  • Real NSW Teachers
  • New 2014 Curriculum
  • Tailored Resources
  • Suit Your Timetable
  • Best Learning Centre


Test yourself!

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