We Won! We Won!

Information Exchange won the Hurstville Excellence in Business Award 2013 for Innovation. Thanks to all those that took part in the nomination and selection of it. Sometimes it is simply called the Hurstville Business Awards.


It took a lot of hard work to get to where we are, and it feels great to be recognised. Maths Tutor Mark (and his lovely wife Cathy were there on the night to accept the award.  It was a terrific night prepared by Hurstville City Council and we thank them for the acknowledgement.

The presenter of the award was nice enough to make specific mention of our Innovation and use of technology, and also of our efforts to do with energy efficiency and sustainability.

I would also like to make special mention of the Hall of Fame Award given to Kimber Optical. My family optometrist Richard Boyd is one of the fantastic optometrists there. He is a wonderful community person and I have known him for around 30 years. I have also had the pleasure of meeting Michael Kimber, and he is similarly a respectable person and great family man.

The Hall of Fame award was presented to him by a friend, Lou Konjarski. Who is president of the Hurstville Chamber of Commerce (of which the author is the present Secretary). More information about the Hurstville Chamber of Commerce can be found on its website as well.

There are more photographs from the Hurstville Excellence in Business Awards available on the council website.