Free Tutor Consumer Guide

Qualified Teachers

All our tutors are real teachers.

Head of Maths

Our maths tutor Mark is a Head Teacher of Maths

HSC Markers

Our senior teachers are experienced HSC Markers

Head of English

Our English tutor Kerry was a Head Teacher and has authored two text books.

Study Areas

We have study and self-learning areas for before and after sessions.

Small Class Sizes

Our rooms are built for comfortable but small focussed groups, with average class sizes of 5 students.

21st Century Learning

All our rooms have state-of-the-art equipment

No Additional Fees

There are no additional costs for class notes or handouts.

At Real Teacher Tutors we aim to ensure that as a parent you know you are investing in a quality service. There are many people out there who are willing to tutor your child, but most are not qualified, and do not understand what the HSC truly entails. Our consumer guide helps parents navigate the various companies, and the questions to ask to ensure that the service paid for is the best service for your son or daughter. 

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Tutor Consumer Guide

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