Information Exchange ATAR Calculator was designed with true scientific method to ensure it is the most correct calculator it can possibly be.

I recently read an SMH article about how the geeks at Google analysed the M&M usage patterns of their staff through scientific method. It made me realise that our very own ATAR calculator deserves a bit of a rap because a massive amount of work went into it, and the HSC students of 2013 deserve to know what makes it tick.

I’ll just make it clear from here that all ATAR calculators require a bit of guess work. The Board of Studies isn’t very forthcoming about the detail… so we have to use mathematical models with extrapolations, interpolations, and sophisticated polynomials to get the best results.

When we at Information Exchange wrote our own calculator software, we had 4 university educated software developers working on the project. Two were engineers, two had science degrees, and between the team we had a few Masters degrees too. Maths Tutor Mark naturally had a huge amount of input, and brought in an army of volunteers to test it.

Bring in the actuaries! We then consulted with the masters of the field. We at Information Exchange are fortunate enough to work next to a bunch of brainiacs that run a business called Neuronworks who write actuarial software for some massive insurance companies across the world. Between them you have another bunch of tertiary qualifications, including a uni professor at UTS, and some software development talent that make me feel very humble indeed.

With their help, our experience, and those past students, we worked out the perfect formulae for the calculation… we have for you what we guarantee is the best calculator to help you with your ATAR estimation in 2013. Try it and see for yourself. Compare it to your results at the end of the year. We’ll even tell you who else have ATAR calculators.. Dux College, Matrix and Talent 100.

Simply put: I firmly believe our ATAR Calculator will give you the most correct results.. but you can decide for yourself which one to rely on. The Information Exchange ATAR Calculator is available here.