High school tutoring for years 7-12 in a smart interactivity-supported environment. With real high school teachers.

Only real high school teachers tutor at Information Exchange

Hurstville tutors form the only tutoring centre in Sydney where all tutors are real high school teachers. All of our tutors have experience teaching in a classroom environment, ensuring the best quality education for each student, with teachings that have a real understanding of the complexities of each syllabus and curriculum, ideal to tailor to each student.

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Year 11 Maths Week 2 Shorts (2U)

Addition and difference of Two Cubes - Week 2 There are quiz questions at the end. Difference of Two Squares - Week 2 There are quiz questions at the end. Factorising a Quadratic - Week 2 Factorising simple trinomials where the coefficient of x is 1. There quiz...

Year 11 Maths Week 1 Shorts (2U)

Practice of Numbers - Week 1 Describes the real number system and goes through some examples for converting between decimals, fractions and percentages including recurring decimals. There are 5 quiz questions at the end Absolute Value - Week 1 Introduces the Absolute...

Term 1 Starts February 1st 2016

At Information Exchange our first classes of 2015 start Monday 2nd February 2015, so it’s not too late to enrol. We offer free trial classes in both English and Maths, so come along and see the difference a real high school teacher makes as a tutor.

Pascal Senior Private Tuition Boardroom

The Pascal Senior Private Tuition Boardroom is a comfortable, technology-rich class room with an Interactive whiteboard and two elegant glass whiteboards adjacent to it at the front. It has a digital HDMI projector, Windows 8 or Mac OS computer, WIFI, and cat 6 Internet-enabled cabling.

All lighting, blinds and audio are controlled by software. The room is flooded with natural light, conveniently located near a breakout area with four Windows 7 workstations for guest usage, as well as a tea and coffee station and several breakout tables by wall-to-ceiling windows.